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SATOHIDE CORPORATION was founded in1929, 90 years ago. -
We have insisted on the quality and constructed various valuable buildings based on our motto “heart and soul” and “everything is for the customers”.
1929 Founder Hidezo Sato
Founder Hidezo Sato
  • Satohide Corporations founder, Hidezo Sato, left the building construction division of Sumitomo Headquarters and established his own architectural company.
  • Launched the building construction business in Iwabuchicho, Tokyo. (current Akabane, Kita‒ku)
  • 1935 Early Works
    Early Works
  • Headquarters moved to Minami‒igamachi, Yotsuya‒ku. (current Wakabacho, Shinjuku‒ku)
  • 1936 Sumitomo Nasu villa
    Sumitomo Nasu villa
  • Headquarters moved to Tansumachi, Yotsuya‒ku. (current Wakabacho, Shinjuku‒ku)
  • 1937 Shibusawa Residence
    Shibusawa Residence
  • Renamed to Satohide Komuten, Inc.
  • 1942 Katsuta Takarazuka Theater
    Katsuta Takarazuka Theater
  • Built our first large‒scale wooden theater. (Katsuta Takarazuka Theater)
  • 1945
  • Headquarters moved to Nishidacho, Suginami‒ku. (current Ogikubo, Suginami‒ku)
  • 1947
  • Headquarters moved to Kakoicho, Nakano‒ku. (current Nakano, Nakano‒ku)
  • 1948 Employees at the time
    Employees at the time
  • 1950 Sumitomo Bank Shoshi Dormitory
    Sumitomo Bank
    Shoshi Dormitory
  • Built our first reinforced concrete dormitory house. (Sumitomo Bank Shoshi Dormitory)
  • 1957 Former Headquarters (Sankocho,Shinjuku)
    Former Headquarters (Sankocho,Shinjuku)
  • Headquarters relocated to Sankocho, Shinjuku‒ku. (current Shinjuku, Shinjuku‒ku)
  • Built our first reinforced concrete housing. (Iwanami Residence)
  • 1959 Designed and built our first exposed concrete housing. (T-Residence)
  • Designed and built our first exposed concrete housing. (T-Residence)
  • 1964 Former Headquarters (Banshucho,Shinjuku)
    Former Headquarters (Banshucho,Shinjuku)
  • Relocated and completed construction of a new Headquarters building in Banshucho, Shinjuku‒ku. (current Shinjuku 5chome, Shinjuku‒ku)
  • 1971
  • Kazuaki Kiyomura appointed President.
  • 1974 Akatsutsumi Terrace
    Akatsutsumi Terrace
  • Launched the real estate development business.
  • 1978 Hidezo Sato in his later years
    Hidezo Sato
    in his later years
  • Satohide founder Hidezo Sato passed away.
  • 1979 Nikko Prince Hotel
    Nikko Prince Hotel
  • Awarded 20th Building Contractors Society prize.(for building Nikko Prince Hotel)
  • 1981
  • Kyoichi Terada appointed President.
  • 1987 Current Headquarters
    Current Headquarters
  • Completed construction and opened the current Headquarters.
  • Masashi Sato appointed President.
  • 1989 Hakkoda Hotel
    Hakkoda Hotel
  • Built Japan's largest wooden hotel as of 1989. (Hakkoda Hotel, Aomori City)
  • 1993 Japanese garden Summerhouse
    Japanese garden Summerhouse
  • Muneo Takahashi appointed President.
  • Built Japan's biggest Japanese garden as of 1993. (Japanese garden facility in Showa Kinen Park)
  • 1994 Company Logo
    Company Logo
  • Renamed Satohide Corporation.
  • 1997 Seismic isolation structure apartment
    Seismic isolation structure apartment
  • Built Japan's largest thatched house as of 1994. (Kayabukinoyakata, Tatsuno Town)
  • Designed and built our first condominium apartment with seismic isolation structure. (Seiseki Sakuragaoka Wada House)
  • 1999 Acquired ISO9001 certification
    Acquired ISO9001 certification
  • Acquired ISO9001 (Ver. 1994) certification.
  • Implemented the Executive Officer System.
  • 2000 Official Website
    Official Website
  • Opened our official website ( )
  • 2001
  • Kunio Uchino appointed President.
  • Developed a company‒wide intranet (including all offices).
  • 2003 Shigakogen Lodge Alpenrose
    Shigakogen Lodge Alpenrose
  • Satohide Shigakogen Lodge Alpenrose designed and built in 1939 was designated as a Tangible cultural property in Yamanouchimachi.
  • 2004 Sumitomo‒ke Matano‒Bettei
  • Old Sumitomo‒ke Matano‒Bettei designed and built in 1939 was designated as a national important cultural property.
  • Mikio Okada appointed President.
  • 2009 80th Anniversary
    80th Anniversary
  • Marked the 80th anniversary since establishment.
  • Tadashi Hattori appointed President.
  • Kanagawa Branch Office opened in Fujisawa City.
  • Acquired ISO9001 (Ver. 2000) certification.
  • 2013
  • Mikio Okada appointed President.
  • 2015
  • Tsuneo Koyama appointed President.
  • 2019 Tea‒ceremony house
    Tea‒ceremony house "Kashin‒an"
  • Marked the 90th anniversary since establishment.
  • Kenichi Nakamura’s former residence and tea‒ceremony house"Kashin‒an" designed and built in 1959 was registered as a national registered tangible cultural property.
  • Tadao Murano appointed President.
  • 2023 Taisei Group
    Taisei Group
  • All shares acquired by Taisei Corporation. Became a member of the Taisei Group.